One Laptop Per Child technology in Education is part of the firsts Rwandan public library ever

ImageThe dreams has become true no illiteracy in Rwanda any more. Following a growing concern about the lack of a reading and writing culture among Rwandans in general. Rwanda library services project was established to develop literacy and a reading culture in Rwanda. The library was officially opened to the public on 5th October 2012 by the Rwandan First Lady, Mme Jeannette Kagame, in presence of other minister in Rwandan government.


 In his speech the Minister of Culture and Sport said that “ One Laptop Per Child program is key project with a radical impact to eradicate the lack of a reading culture and writing in Rwanda”. Arriving at the library entrance, the first thing you notice is a very nice premise with a larger picture of Rwandan kids using OLPC laptops, that is the outside view of OLPC’s part of the library, branded by OLPCA and opened in collaboration with the Ministry of education of Rwanda and Rotary Club Virunga.


The Rwanda Library Services Project was started by Rotary Club of Kigali – Virunga with the aim of creating the first ever public library in Rwanda. The members in recognition of ignorance as one major contributor to the horrific genocide against Tutsi in 1994, decided to come up with a project that would contribute immensely to the reconstruction of the country.

This is the place where kids will be learning basic computing skills but also enjoy a constructionist approach to learning. It will also offer t scratch and turtle art lessons, logo materials, robotics for the kids to acquire an analytic approach to problem solving. OLPC sees this as a great opportunity to share the OLPC program with the rest of the country. Given the school servers being installed in schools countrywide OLPC program in Rwanda will echo the library in all OLPC schools through the eBooks they have acquired.


As this OLPC corner in Kigali library will be open for all user of sugar learning environment, free wireless internet connection will give an opportunity for private schools students who are not privileged by the government’s deployment of OLPC laptops countrywide which targets mostly the public schools.

OLPC being a part of the first public library open in Rwanda is not surprising because President Paul Kagame has been among the first believer in OLPC technology in education, since 2009 Government of Rwanda is fully engaged in getting OLPC technology to each Rwandan child in primary education, before the end of year 2012 will be closing the deployment of 200 000 Laptops deployed in all 30 districts of Rwanda.




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