Does curriculum play an important role in regulation of quality of education?

I am writing this as reply to the comment made by Dr.Blaise Talla on the post ” Good learning environment for better job creator” in his comment he asked  if I don’t think that we may also face the problem of quality in education if the curriculum keeps changing?

Even though my point was not necessarily to change/keep changing the curriculum rather than change the way we implement it by providing a learning environment spaces/time/tools/opportunity for learners to construct their entrepreneurial knowledge. let try to see, what is the contribution of the curriculum itself in teaching&Learning:
– Curriculum meaning you have to learn this on a given day, example; At the ninth of May in your eighth years. It guides teachers what to teach one after other as well as  to test whether students retained something within the framework of curriculum. Does this really regulate or ensure the student learned ..let say it is! then how do we regulate the quality of learning ? is it by testing  how many right & wrong answers they can give to questions picked from the curriculum? We both know that this method of evaluation doesn’t help in testing some important intends of education like; managerial skills, problem solving, decision making, negotiating skills..etc.
I think the curriculum just gives better/orderly/easier ways for the teacher to instruct in given time period, but it doesn’t  give better opportunity for learners to learn/construct their knowledge on curriculum’s content, because knowledge …is not the information, a commodity to be delivered at one end (teacher, book,..) and received, unchanged, at the other ( learner)  but the lesson from experience. Knowledge is about which new or more lucid understanding constructed/retained by learner from the learning process.
As teaching never be direct and as learning does not occur always as result of teaching, changing curriculum or increasing specialization ( new subject disciplines) …etc will not sufficiently solve the lack of creativity, innovation, managerial our graduands, unless our learning environment expose our learners to situations that require them to resolve the unresolvable tension between being embedded in situations and emerging from embeddedness, which is actually the definition of human development.
I would like to say that today’s teaching ( in Rwanda, I think is the same in many countries too) is its not effective in the sense the students are not in the position to apply  what they have studied in the practical way, which shows that we don’t exactly creating a better learning environment rather an easier teaching environment that focuses only on percentage means mugging up and flushing out every thing after exam.
This shows that our teaching system should reform the way of educating their student for instance following analogy coaching, smart classes were the students can analyse and they can be think in a realistic way,Initiative taking ( even those involving funds uses & project implementations), construct their knowledge mainly based on their interest instead of limited curriculum in terms of time and credits. Make a life in school a pathway to build an experience of problem solving, initiative taking, managerial skills …which are core of successful entrepreneurial character. Otherwise we will be asking our graduands to show/prove what we prevented them to have access to. The quality of education should not be much regarded in how we teach, delivering curriculum content rather than how leanrs are building knowledge from both the process of teaching and learning.
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