How can you measure your creativity

Reading a very short and synthesized presentation done by James C.Kaufman, Ph.D, Learning Research Institute, Californina States University.
In his presentation, he asks a simple question that sheds some light on how creative you are.

He gave three minutes to write down all different answers
Think of all of the different things that would happen if people did not need sleep. List as many as you can in the next three minutes.
How to measure your creativity?
– First, count how many responses you wrote down for each question. Simply count each one …regardless whether they are good or bad. ” the number of items you have written down is called “Fluency”.

Second divide up your responses into categories–so for the “non-sleep” items, saying ” there would be no pillows” and they would no pyjamas” would count in the same categories. find out how many different types of responses you had the number of the categories you have is called Flexibility.

Third, let’s look for the most original responses, the degree to which your responses are unique is called “originality“.

Finally, consider the level of detail . How much information did you give for each answer? This is called Elaboration.

Enhance Creativity: one of the biggest ways that creativity can be enhanced in the schools can be found in one word “Motivation”

Intrinsic motivation” people who are intrinsically motivated do things because they want to. Here the activity is performed out of enjoyment of the activity.

You might be driven by an outside thing ( need for money, need to be praised your teacher, good grade or an award). All of these motivation are inherently better. People who loves what they do tend to be more creative.

Focus on intrinsic motivation and improve creativity:

  • Being able to choose assignments
  • Not being overly evaluated or graded
  • Focus on making the task enjoyable

Minimize extrinsic motivation and improve creativity:

  • To many tangible rewards
  • Too much graded work
  • Many evaluations
  • Observed performance

Some other personal qualities associated with creativity include….

  • Tolerance for ambiguity
  • Sensible risk-taking
  • Being open to new experiences
  • Defying the crowd

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The only person who can prevent you to become who God intends you to become is you!! keep trying never give-up,try and fail never fail to try!!
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