ESCAF students participated in development of new activity ( XO program) .

Three days in December 19th-20th, the OLPC -Rwanda learning team worked with 20 students from ESCAF primary school, Nyarugenge District, the activity aimed to test the use of new activity for XO called in its early stage, Portfolio. This activity gathers student’s work and generates a portfolio–generating a slide show from journals entries that have been stared, the slide can be save as PDF or HTML and be shares to assess and visualize what a student learned.

Students were intended to start using this activity and so we can see different changes needed to advise the developers to make it better. During the process, I realized that, we underestimated the student’s ability to critically analyze the activity itself, to like or dislike some features of it and recommend changes to developers by themselves. OLPC-Rwanda set different to watch during the time students were going to be interacting with the activity. Surprisingly, students started right way to tell us different things they fill not comfortable with using the activity, at the end of testing process , most of recommendations sent to developers were directly reported by student on the first or second day of the activity. Fortunately most of changes they suggested were understood and now solved on new version of the activity.

Students suggested different changes to make this activity better, some like:

– To make a more directive messages right after launching the activity, using the image, sound or animation.

– To be able to add note directly from the thumbnail or slide

– and to increase the resolution of text in the slideshow.

In the new version released after, all the recommendations from ESCAF students have been understood and much regarded. Congratulation to ESCAF students to thier contribution to make a great activity for them selves and the OLPC community worldwide.I am proud of ESCAF Studetns.


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1 Response to ESCAF students participated in development of new activity ( XO program) .

  1. King Victor says:

    Big up to those students, we are proud of them!
    Keep it up Rwagaju

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