The challenges for teacher’s comfort ability to use laptops in teaching.

Before the short teacher training  (last break), the main reason for not helping kids to using laptops were” We don’t get trained enough so we don’t feel comfortable with using laptops in class, kids know more about laptops than we do“, After trained and saw that by there, they were able to help their student the following challenge has been ” There are some subjects we don’t know how we can teach them using laptops” this  is understandable, other problem is the shortage of lesson time only 45 minutes, because of the new system of professionalism ( moving class to class teaching only one subject) ,and a big number of kids in class room ( more than 45), which should be helped by only one teacher.

All challenges given above are true, the two last challenges are mostly complementary to one raised by a teachers  I discussed with, the main thing he think it can boost the use of these laptops and lead to full success is to ” Late kids take laptops home” as I said it , the lesson has only 45 minutes and the fact of distributing laptops, connecting power strips, and to restore the laptops in their boxes after teaching ,takes most of lesson time.

But ,once the kid take laptop home he/she will bring it charged and keep it under her/his desk make sure is ready any time in the lesson. and don’t forget that the most of teacher use the laptops in the last part of the lesson( lesson Application )where a kid really need time to think, and do investigation , research on the subject taught , all of these could not be achieved in these 45 minutes unless the kid takes laptop home for the   outclass time use.( I hope this is going to be solved since at least now the P4, P5,P6 are allowed to take laptops home.)


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2 Responses to The challenges for teacher’s comfort ability to use laptops in teaching.

  1. AGNES from KAGUGU says:

    *late kids take laptops home* this is a good idea but the MINEDUC should have given a policy with could be followed by differents schools in distributing laptops. This will resolve the problem of time management when teaching laptops.
    * a nother problem is that there is no common way for heads of schools to asses or to evaluate what teachers are doing.
    there is no program and no scheme work to be followed by the teacher.

  2. rwagaju says:

    Yeah, you are absolutely right , the schools do really need a guideline from MINEDUC , or clear instructions about this policy’s implementation .

    but, what do you mean by “scheme work” ? i hope is not like the program to cover for each grade, what kid should learn using laptop in respective grades before get to next grade, if so, i will not agree with you because the teacher do not have to take laptop as an additional course on their yearly program , not teach ICT , but as just a tool to help them and kids for better learning , that is why the laptop should be used in teach different courses, but not teach laptop.

    I hope you understand clearly what i mean by there!

    thank you for , you comments, really your views, and comments are needed.

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