Real creativity at ESCAF

As  I said it in my previous post, the fact of let learn get involved knowledge searching, doesn’t only help a  learner to understand  better and faster what he/she is learning but also help learner to improve and increase the capacity of being more creative.

Here (photo) the kids at ESCAF are trying to develop their own game ,in the game development club. This club allows students to engage in advanced computer programming while, also, having fun. Students use Scratch to develop their own games, which could be shared with students across the country.

Really the kids are passionate, using  their laptops outside of school time , creating their own invention, and use laptop to express their own thinking .

During the club time every kid is busy on his/her laptop changing the commend in scratch , trying to make a more informative scenario ,helping each other .

( Next post “we don’t need to be extremely powerful in order to help others”)


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The only person who can prevent you to become who God intends you to become is you!! keep trying never give-up,try and fail never fail to try!!
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