Learning improvement at Kagugu

As we saw it in my previous post, the best learning strategies is to let the learner get involved in searching , investigating and about the course. Through hard work, research, investigation , learners are able to attain a deeper knowledge, greatly  different  from the shallow understanding that learners receive when all the information is provided and they simply memorize the information.

Since the now at Kagugu primary school ,the teachers are using XOs laptop in teaching , the kids are really get involved in course ,they use their laptops in gathering on the course, by taking pictures, and read note , browsing  from the internet  information related to their  course . through this process , the kids  fulfill their curiosity ,and deeply fixe what they learning, by opening their mind about the sources of knowledge .

Mediatrice ( P4 cutch-up, photo 1)

Mediatrice ( Photo),

she is teaching a lesson on  Birds ,she is using different  pictures ,notes present in student XO’s laptops and photos browsed from internet .During the lesson the kids open the pictures of different birds and try to group them according to  the characteristics studied. At the end of the course , she asked them as home work, to make a small book of birds, describe them (their environment, groups…)  by using “Write activity “ which is the writing program in their XO laptops .(Photo 2)

The kids were very busy on their laptops, others get out for wireless connectivity searching, and opening photos of birds.(Photo 3)

This really shows how the kids got involved in learning , in preparing , searching, and investigating on their course, this the real new century learning methodology, in which the student is the center of learning. This is not only help the kids to understand what he/she is studying , but also help kids to be creative (next post), have the open mind ,and wide range of understanding.( this is the real learning).


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4 Responses to Learning improvement at Kagugu

  1. Silvia Kist says:

    Very nice the teachers’ work at Kagugu!
    Well, when you talk about “the best learning strategies is to let the learner get involved in searching , investigating” I would also to add “constructing things”…. I mean by doing something like models, programming, creating text, storys, adds, etc.

    What do you think?

    • rwagaju says:

      yeah, thank you for the additives , are more optimistic, i agree with you that constructng things is a part of good learning stratagies as i said it in mynext post ” Creativity at Escaf” but thank you for addingit right here!
      thanks comments and visiting my blog.

  2. Media says:

    Thank you Desire,
    But it is hard, to teach using laptops, it takes time and alot of energy, but is good for students.
    you have to pay me for using my photos!!!!!!

  3. rwagaju says:

    haaaa, i know it hard, and every thing good is hard to get,

    about using your photo, you should pay me making you famous !!!

    thanks for comments .

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